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air current

英 [eə(r) ˈkʌrənt] air current英式发音 美 [er ˈkɚrənt] air current美式发音

air current的释义

n. 气流;

[ 例句 ] Below action of speed air current, the person floats in air, swimmer swims in air so.

[ 释义 ] 在高速气流作用下, 人便漂浮在空气中, 游泳者就是这样在空气中游的.

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[ 例句 ] Microcystin - LR concentration increased with the amount of air current or CO 2 current rising.

[ 释义 ] 毒素含量随空气流量和CO2流量的增加而增加.

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[ 例句 ] If the plane drops suddenly, it is probably an air pocket ( air current ).

[ 释义 ] 如果飞机突然下落, 可能是碰到了气阱 ( 气流 ).

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[ 例句 ] A goose's wings churn the air and leave an air current behind.

[ 释义 ] 一只大雁的翅膀扇动空气,在身后留下一股气流.

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[ 例句 ] A modification of existing open - end techniques has been introduced that combines mechanical and air current operations.

[ 释义 ] 通过将机械作用与气流作用结合,对自己端纺纱做了改进.

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