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animated cartoon

英 [ˈænəˌmeɪtɪd kɑ:ˈtu:n] animated cartoon英式发音 美 [ˈænəˌmetɪd kɑrˈtun] animated cartoon美式发音

animated cartoon的释义


[ 例句 ] We sing a song together. dancing. seeing an animated cartoon. very happy.

[ 释义 ] 我们在一起唱歌. 跳舞. 看动画片. 很开心.

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[ 例句 ] Do the cross and the vampire animated cartoon have a number to assemble?

[ 释义 ] 十字架与吸血鬼动画片有多少集?

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[ 例句 ] Designed or constructed in the form of an animated cartoon.

[ 释义 ] 用动画片形式设计或编制的.

animated cartoon 来自 大学英语四级词汇查询 -

[ 例句 ] Which website do have to able to watch film, the animated cartoon for free?

[ 释义 ] 有哪些网站可以免费看电影, 动画片?

animated cartoon 来自 大学英语四级词汇查询 -

[ 例句 ] The schoolboys were captivated by the adventures of the heroes in the animated cartoon.

[ 释义 ] 小学生们被动画片中主人公的冒险经历吸引住了.

animated cartoon 来自 大学英语四级词汇查询 -

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