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英 [bɪə(r)] beer英式发音 美 [bɪr] beer美式发音


n. 啤酒,麦酒;(一般)发酵饮料;[印,纺]比尔;

[ 例句 ] The colored material is said to conform Beer's law.

[ 释义 ] 我们认为这种带色的物质服从Beer定律.

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[ 例句 ] This paper is based on the BEER model presented by McDonald.

[ 释义 ] 本研究的理论基础是McDonald提出 的BEER模型.

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[ 例句 ] We have Qingdao Beer, Blue Ribbon Beer, Shengli Beer, and Zhujiang Beer.

[ 释义 ] 我们有青岛啤酒 、 蓝带啤酒 、 生力啤酒和珠江啤酒.

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[ 例句 ] Filter beer . Lager beer beer. Going for the Globe.

[ 释义 ] 过滤罐装. 啤酒变清亮. 走向全世界.

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[ 例句 ] The auxiliary materials used in beer brewing has direct effects on beer quality and beer cost.

[ 释义 ] 啤酒生产所用辅料直接影响啤酒质量和成本.

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