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英 [kənˈsɜ:vətri] conservatory英式发音 美 [kənˈsɜrvətɔri] conservatory美式发音


n. (培植植物的)温室,暖房;音乐学校;

adj. 有保存力的;保管人的;

[ 例句 ] Andrea's beautiful book reminds me of my childhood in the old lanes near Shanghai Conservatory.

[ 释义 ] 明晖小姐这本美丽的书让我想起童年时代在上海音乐学院周围的老弄堂.

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[ 例句 ] By 1985, however, Wang had become frustrated with life at the Conservatory.

[ 释义 ] 然而, 在1985年, 王健对自己在音乐学院的生活感到失落.

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[ 例句 ] At the conservatory, he learned how to score a musical composition.

[ 释义 ] 在音乐学校里, 他学会了怎样谱曲.

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[ 例句 ] Meg could walk in the conservatory whenever she liked and revel in bouquets.

[ 释义 ] 麦格不管什么时候都能到花房里去漫步,陶醉在那些花丛里.

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[ 例句 ] Build in 1912 , this elegant, glass conservatory is located on Seattle's Capitol Hill.

[ 释义 ] 这个优美的玻璃温室位于国会山, 建造于1912年.

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