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英 [dəˈrektə(r)] director英式发音 美 [dɪˈrɛktɚ, daɪ-] director美式发音


n. 主管,主任;董事,理事;负责人,监督者;导演;

[ 例句 ] In fact, both Macromedia Flash and Director follow basic object - oriented models in their own implementation.

[ 释义 ] 事实上, MacromediaFlash和Director在他们自己的实施中都遵循基本的 面向对象 的模型.

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[ 例句 ] Director uses a slightly more typical approach.

[ 释义 ] Director使用一些稍微典型的方式.

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[ 例句 ] There is also Director and Shockware that produce even better multimedia effects.

[ 释义 ] 利用Director和Shockware能产生更佳的多媒体效果.

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[ 例句 ] Su - hong, deputy director of Hematology, deputy chief physician, Master, provincial executive director of experimental hematology.

[ 释义 ] 苏国宏血液内科副主任, 副主任医师, 硕士, 省实验血液学会常务理事.

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[ 例句 ] The positions of director and deputy director shall be assumed by notaries.

[ 释义 ] 主任、副主任领导公证处的工作,并且必须执行公证员职务.

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