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英 [fɔ:ˈmeɪʃn] formation英式发音 美 [fɔrˈmeɪʃn] formation美式发音


n. 形成;构成,结构;形成物;编队,队形;奇峰,怪石,某种形状的云;

[ 例句 ] Comprehensive Formation is the general name of plane formation, color formation and Three Dimentional Composition.

[ 释义 ] 综合构成是“平面构成” 、 “色彩构成”、“立体构成”的合称.

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[ 例句 ] Songre Formation is carnian period ; Jiangxiong Formation and Zhangcun Formation is norian period.

[ 释义 ] 宋热组时代为晚三叠世卡尼期,江雄组和章村组为晚三叠世诺利期.

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[ 例句 ] The study on formation cause of plagioclase is closely related to formation cause of geological structure.

[ 释义 ] 历史上发生的陨击事件对地球表面岩层构造产生了极其严重、深刻和长远的影响.

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[ 例句 ] He placed the Jurassic - Cretaceous Boundary between the Yixian Formation and the Jiufotang Formation.

[ 释义 ] 他根据多年的研究,将侏罗 - 白垩系界线置于义县组与九佛堂组之间.

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[ 例句 ] Upper Cretaceous : Including the Sifangtai Formation — Minshui Formation, corresponding to the Cenonian — Maestrichtian.

[ 释义 ] 四方台组—明水组为白垩系上统, 相当于赛诺—梅斯特利克蒂阶(Senonian—Maestrichtian).

formation 来自 大学英语四级词汇查询 -

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