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英 [grɑ:nt] grant英式发音 美 [grænt] grant美式发音


vt. 承认;同意;准许;授予;

n. 拨款;补助金;授给物(如财产、授地、专有权、补助、拨款等);

vi. 同意;

[ 例句 ] The man promised to call Mr. Grant and tell him to fix it.

[ 释义 ] 这名工作人员许诺他会给Grant先生打电话,让他把暖气修好.

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[ 例句 ] He told Mr. Fernandez that Mr. Grant had to fix the heating system immediately.

[ 释义 ] 他告诉Fernandez先生,Grant先生应该马上去修理供暖系统.

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[ 例句 ] A grant is gift of money loan , a grant does not have to be repaid.

[ 释义 ] 大学中的研究生助教奖学金是通过支付钱或提供免费课程的一种工作.

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[ 例句 ] " Everybody will grant that, Edward -- grant it privately, anyway.

[ 释义 ] " 谁都会这么说, 爱德华 -- 不管当众怎么样, 背后谁都会这么说.

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[ 例句 ] Tess: Hi, Grant! Are you reading today's paper? Grant: Yes.

[ 释义 ] 黛丝: 嗨, 格兰特! 你正在看今天的报纸 吗 ?格兰特: 对.

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