horse and cart 查询

horse and cart

英 [hɔ:s ænd kɑ:t] horse and cart英式发音 美 [hɔrs ənd kɑrt] horse and cart美式发音

horse and cart的释义


[ 例句 ] And if that horse and cart fall down.

[ 释义 ] 如果马和大车翻了个儿.

horse and cart 来自 托福考试词汇查询 -

[ 例句 ] Look at that horse and cart.

[ 释义 ] 瞧那匹马和马车.

horse and cart 来自 托福考试词汇查询 -

[ 例句 ] Mama's going to buy you a horse and cart.

[ 释义 ] 妈妈给你买一匹拉着大车的马.

horse and cart 来自 托福考试词汇查询 -

[ 例句 ] He had a horse and cart that he would use to take the goods to market.

[ 释义 ] 他用他的马车把货物拉到市场.

horse and cart 来自 托福考试词汇查询 -

[ 例句 ] The horse and cart carrying heavy things was going by at that moment.

[ 释义 ] 那时,那辆载着重物的马车正从边上经过.

horse and cart 来自 托福考试词汇查询 -

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