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英 [ˈhʌzbənd] husband英式发音 美 [ˈhʌzbənd] husband美式发音


n. 丈夫;〈英〉管家;〈古〉节俭的管理人;船舶管理人;

vt. 节俭地使用;〈罕〉做…的丈夫;

[ 例句 ] She came to her husband's family and cried, because her husband had beat her.

[ 释义 ] 她来到婆家哭闹, 因为老公打了她.

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[ 例句 ] Family: including the acceptance of husband family in cross - cultural marriage and, the lifestyle of husband's families.

[ 释义 ] 家庭方面: 包括夫家对跨国婚姻的接纳度以及夫家家庭型态.

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[ 例句 ] According to regulations, incentives childbearing leave by the husband and wife to enjoy the party.

[ 释义 ] 根据规定, 晚育奖励假由夫妻双方一方享受.

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[ 例句 ] Denise served as her husband's muse and confidante until their divorce after 23 years of marriage.

[ 释义 ] 丹尼斯一直是波烈的服装模特,直到两人在结婚23年后离异.

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[ 例句 ] As of March 10, we ceased to be husband and wife.

[ 释义 ] 自3月10日始, 我俩已断绝夫妻关系.

husband 来自 大学英语四级词汇查询 -

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