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in an instant

英 [in æn ˈinstənt] in an instant英式发音 美 [ɪn ən ˈɪnstənt] in an instant美式发音

in an instant的释义


[ 例句 ] The soap lathers up in an instant and gives off an expensive scent.

[ 释义 ] 这种肥皂会立即起泡并散发出高雅香味.

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[ 例句 ] Huge language, perhaps we only Jiguangpianyu in the post - modern ridiculous in an instant find pleasure.

[ 释义 ] 偌大的语言, 我们也许只能在吉光片羽的后现代荒诞中寻得瞬间快感.

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[ 例句 ] In an instant , the crowd into a wide variety of stones located in the river.

[ 释义 ] 瞬间, 羊群化作各种各样的石头坐落在河中.

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[ 例句 ] In an instant the whole city would be engulfed in the deafening noise of the firecrackers.

[ 释义 ] 在那一瞬间,整个城市都响彻爆竹的震耳欲聋的声音.

in an instant 来自 大学英语六级词汇查询 -

[ 例句 ] In an instant the other two were on their legs.

[ 释义 ] 另外两个人转眼之间也站了起来.

in an instant 来自 大学英语六级词汇查询 -

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