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英 [ɪnˈstrʌkt] instruct英式发音 美 [ɪnˈstrʌkt] instruct美式发音


vt. 教,讲授;教导,指导;通知;命令;

[ 例句 ] Compare tell, order, instruct , direct, command.

[ 释义 ] 试比较tell 、 order、instruct 、 direct 、 command这五个词.

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[ 例句 ] Instruct means giving practicalinformation or knowledge, especially to groups of trainees ( eg soldiers or nurses )

[ 释义 ] instruct指传授实践知识, 特别是针对集体受训者 ( 如士兵或护士 )

instruct 来自 托福考试词汇查询 -

[ 例句 ] It is very significant of land use coordinated development degree evaluation to instruct land resource use.

[ 释义 ] 土地利用协调发展度评价对指导区域土地资源利用具有重要意义.

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[ 例句 ] Michael finished the brandy in his glass.'send Clemenza in to me. I'll instruct him personally.

[ 释义 ] 迈克尔把玻璃杯里的白兰地一饮而尽,然后说: “ 叫克莱门扎到我这儿来, 我要亲自给他下达指示.

instruct 来自 托福考试词汇查询 -

[ 例句 ] Answer for production technics flow, work instruct, design Testjig.

[ 释义 ] 负责生产工艺流程, 工作指导, 测架设计.

instruct 来自 托福考试词汇查询 -

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