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英 [ɪnˈtens] intense英式发音 美 [ɪnˈtɛns] intense美式发音


adj. 热情的,强烈的,紧张的;热烈的,热情的,认真的;[摄](底片)明暗度强的;有强烈感情(或意见、想法)的;

[ 例句 ] Red is an intense colour which generates intense emotions.

[ 释义 ] 红色是一种热情同时又会导致紧张情绪的颜色.

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[ 例句 ] He felt intense happiness when he knew that he would attend the famous university.

[ 释义 ] 知道自己将上这所名牌大学,他感到非常幸福.

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[ 例句 ] Advanced analysis and high - performance computing in structural engineering are now subjects of intense research interest.

[ 释义 ] 结构工程中高级的分析和高性能的计算现在成为大量研究的对象.

intense 来自 托福考试词汇查询 -

[ 例句 ] She can't stand the intense heat, it really drags her down.

[ 释义 ] 她承受不了如此的高温, 感到虚弱.

intense 来自 托福考试词汇查询 -

[ 例句 ] The 2004 FISH ROCK, Australian Cabernet Merlot has an intense crimson hue a blackcurrant fruit nose.

[ 释义 ] 菲殊洛特级澳大利亚美乐甜葡萄酒呈深红色,有黑加仑果香.

intense 来自 托福考试词汇查询 -

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