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英 [nəʊn] known英式发音 美 [noʊn] known美式发音


adj. 大家知道的;已知的;知名的;向某人作自我介绍;

v. 知道( know的过去分词 );看到过;听到过;经历过;

[ 例句 ] Known micro - known Chang, Tak streamer.

[ 释义 ] 知微知彰, 德大流光.

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[ 例句 ] Although much is known about Nefertiti s life, little is known about her death.

[ 释义 ] 娜芙提提的生平我们知之甚多,对她的死我们却几乎一无所知.

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[ 例句 ] It was, however , not always known and came to be so known only around 1906.

[ 释义 ] 它曾经不叫“大草场”, 名字是1906年左右才出现的.

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[ 例句 ] Yet along with the known benefits of traditional solutions come the known challenges.

[ 释义 ] 然而伴随传统解决方案已知优势的是其与生俱来的挑战.

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[ 例句 ] Cross lace embroidery, Wenzhou, commonly known as cross - stitch, also known as cruciferous.

[ 释义 ] 十字花边绣, 温州俗称挑花, 又通称十字花.

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