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adj. 熔化的;融化的;溶解的;混合的;

v. (使)融[溶,熔]化( melt的现在分词 );溶解;(使)消散,消失;(使)软化,变得温柔;

[ 例句 ] Pure metals are typically produced using Vacuum Induction Melting, E - beam Melting or Powder Metallurgy Processes.

[ 释义 ] 我们一般采用真空感应熔炼 、 电子束熔炼或粉末冶金工艺制备靶材.

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[ 例句 ] High melting point pump: a high melting point in selection of easy crystallization of the liquid.

[ 释义 ] 高融点用泵: 选用于融点高易结晶液体.

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[ 例句 ] The antimony trisulfide melting point 548 ℃, belongs to the melting point low soft metal sulfide.

[ 释义 ] 硫化锑的熔点548℃, 属于熔点较低的软金属硫化物.

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[ 例句 ] GLASOFENBAU LEIPZIG GMBH GlassGlassand Glass melting plants as well as Enamel plants and Glass melting furnaces.

[ 释义 ] GLASOFENBAUleipzigGMBH是一家高别级的产品供应商,该企业使用多种工艺制造玻璃熔化设备,熔化设备.

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[ 例句 ] Melting Chocolate Heart Cake : Warm chocolate cake with a melting heart of chocolate.

[ 释义 ] 这蛋糕里面真的是融化一般,热热在融化的蛋糕加上冰凉的冰淇淋,难怪心都要融化了.

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