overground 查询


英 [ˈəʊvəgraʊnd] overground英式发音 美 [ˈoʊvərgraʊnd] overground美式发音


adj. 地上的;

[ 例句 ] AIM : To study the related regulation of swertiamarin of overground and underground organ of G.

[ 释义 ] 目的: 研究三花龙胆地上器官和地下器官獐芽菜苦苷积累相关规律.

overground 来自 大学英语六级词汇查询 - www.wolaishi.com/CET6/

[ 例句 ] There are plans to run the line overground close to the village of Boxley.

[ 释义 ] 根据规划,这条线路从博克斯利村附近通过处将修建在地面上。

overground 来自 大学英语六级词汇查询 - www.wolaishi.com/CET6/

[ 例句 ] Bus routes and railways, both overground and underground, converged on the station.

[ 释义 ] 公共汽车线路和地上地下路轨都在该站交汇。

overground 来自 大学英语六级词汇查询 - www.wolaishi.com/CET6/

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