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英 [pi:ks] peaks英式发音 美 [piks] peaks美式发音


n. 山峰( peak的名词复数 );最高点;尖端;帽舌;

[ 例句 ] The 48 islets in the lake and the peaks along the lakeside make up 72 peaks.

[ 释义 ] 湖中大小岛屿48个,连同沿湖的山峰和半岛,号称72峰.

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[ 例句 ] Look breathtaking panoramic views over the lakes of Central Switzerland, the Alps 73 mountain peaks.

[ 释义 ] 观赏叹为观止的瑞士中部湖泊全景, 以及阿尔卑斯73座山峰.

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[ 例句 ] Much of the money was raised by selling assets when markets were near their peaks.

[ 释义 ] 许多资金是当时市场接近顶峰时出售资产所得.

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[ 例句 ] Alpine Valley ravine, rolling peaks, plunging valleys, waterfalls and vegetation intact.

[ 释义 ] 谷内高山深谷 、 群峰连绵 、 峡谷苍茫 、 瀑布飞流、植被完好.

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[ 例句 ] Gold apart, commodities are still well below the peaks of mid - 2008.

[ 释义 ] 除黄金外, 商品价格依然远低于2008年年中的峰值水平.

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