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plant life

[ 例句 ] Each island is home to a rich collection of animal and plant life.

[ 释义 ] 每个小岛都是品种繁盛的动植物生活的家园.

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[ 例句 ] Sylvia Earle is an ocean explorer and expert on ocean plant life.

[ 释义 ] 西尔维娅·厄尔是海洋探险家,同时也是海洋植物专家.

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[ 例句 ] Animal and plant life are abundant, and the scenery is unsurpassed.

[ 释义 ] 这里的动物和植物种类繁多, 景色美不胜收.

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[ 例句 ] Many forests blanketed the region along with a vast and divergent animal and plant life.

[ 释义 ] 众多森林覆盖着这片区域,遍布大量多姿多彩的动物和植物生命.

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[ 例句 ] Oxygen, carbon dioxide and nitrogen are essential for animal and plant life.

[ 释义 ] 氧 、 二氧化碳、氮是动植物生命所必需的.

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