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plate glass

英 [pleit ɡlɑ:s] plate glass英式发音 美 [plet ɡlæs] plate glass美式发音

plate glass的释义

n. 厚玻璃板(厚度5-8mm);板玻璃;

[ 例句 ] Variety: Guci coffee mugs, glass mugs, tea glass - temperature, high temperature plate glass and ceramic containers utensils.

[ 释义 ] 品种有: 骨瓷咖啡杯 、 玻璃咖啡杯 、 高温玻璃茶具 、 耐高温玻璃餐盘和陶瓷器皿餐具等.

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[ 例句 ] How much does a new plate glass window cost?

[ 释义 ] 一副新的橱窗需要多少钱?

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[ 例句 ] Among them, plate glass, agricultural industry car, soda ash already began to implement industry self - discipline price.

[ 释义 ] 其中, 平板玻璃 、 农用车 、 纯碱行业已开始实行行业 自律 价.

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[ 例句 ] Her new firm was a goodly institution . Its windows were of huge plate glass.

[ 释义 ] 雇佣她的那家公司看上去漂亮气派,窗子都是用巨大的厚板玻璃做的.

plate glass 来自 托福考试词汇查询 -

[ 例句 ] He put his fist through a plate - glass door.

[ 释义 ] 他挥拳打穿了一扇玻璃门.

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