professional 查询


英 [prəˈfeʃənl] professional英式发音 美 [prəˈfɛʃənəl] professional美式发音


adj. 专业的;专业性的;职业的;

n. 专业人士;

[ 例句 ] Big Staff Room of Educational Technology : Professional Spirit, Professional Style & Professional Activity!

[ 释义 ] 教育技术学综合 教研室 ——专业精神! 专业作风!专业行动!

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[ 例句 ] Time Inc. professional business clothing machinery and accessories, the provision of professional technical advisory services.

[ 释义 ] 时代公司专业经营各类服装机械及其配件, 提供专业的技术咨询服务.

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[ 例句 ] Professional printing establishments in the printing trade offer you the most professional printing services trade!

[ 释义 ] 外贸印刷专业印刷机构·为您提供最专业的外贸印刷服务!

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[ 例句 ] The existing 56 full - time professional education, undergraduate professional 26 students nationwide.

[ 释义 ] 现有56个 全日制 普通教育专业, 其中本科专业26个,面向全国招生.

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[ 例句 ] Kouqiangke oral surgery chin face professional, Zhengji rehabilitation professional, preventive oral health professionals, other.

[ 释义 ] 口腔科、腔颔面外科专业 、 畸修复专业 、 腔预防保健专业 、 他.

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