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protective covering

英 [prəˈtektiv ˈkʌvərɪŋ] protective covering英式发音 美 [prəˈtɛktɪv ˈkʌvərɪŋ] protective covering美式发音

protective covering的释义


[ 例句 ] It provides a protective covering for the engine, passengers, and cargo.

[ 释义 ] 它给发动机, 乘客和货物提供一种保护.

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[ 例句 ] The cap is a protective covering of a plant.

[ 释义 ] 藓帽是一种植物的保护帽.

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[ 例句 ] The lentil plant is known for its seeds, which grow inside a protective covering, or pod.

[ 释义 ] 大家所知道的小扁豆是它们的种子, 它们长在保护性的外壳之中, 即豆荚中.

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[ 例句 ] All buried lines are coated with a protective covering to save them from corrosion.

[ 释义 ] 所有埋设的管道必须涂上保护层,以防生锈腐蚀.

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[ 例句 ] Testa The hard dry protective covering of a seed, formed from the integuments of the ovule.

[ 释义 ] 外种皮:覆盖在种子外部的坚硬干燥的保护层, 由胚珠的珠被发育形成.

protective covering 来自 托福考试词汇查询 -

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