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英 [rɪˈpleɪsmənt] replacement英式发音 美 [rɪˈplesmənt] replacement美式发音


n. 代替;归还,,复位;替代者;补充兵员;

[ 例句 ] There are three kinds of influencing factors determining the replacement procedure and the replacement is periodical.

[ 释义 ] 有三类影响因素决定B2C对 传统模式的替代过程,替代是有阶段性的.

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[ 例句 ] Three methods about the pipe replacement and the replacement coefficient are discussed in the paper.

[ 释义 ] 论述了三种管道置换方法以及置换参数的确定.

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[ 例句 ] RED light indicates lamp replacement required. Ref. O ( LAMP REPLACEMENT )

[ 释义 ] 红灯表示需要更换灯泡,参见O ( 灯泡更换 )

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[ 例句 ] Objective To discuss the effect of systematic rehabilitation training after artificial lumbar disc replacement.

[ 释义 ] 目的探讨人工腰椎间盘置换术后系统康复训练的作用.

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[ 例句 ] The replacement of the signature of the applicant or insured people by sales person is forbidden.

[ 释义 ] 销售人员代替投保人和被保险人签名则被严令禁止.

replacement 来自 大学英语四级词汇查询 -

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