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英 ['self'dʒenəreitid] self-generated英式发音

adj. 自己生长的;自己发生的;发自内心的;

[ 例句 ] Self - trapping of Bose - Einstein condensates ( BEC ) in double - well trap is investigated.

[ 释义 ] 研究了双势阱玻色 - 爱因斯坦凝聚体系 ( BEC ) 的自俘获现象( self -trapping).

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[ 例句 ] In this case, in the form's OnCreate handler, Self refers to the form.

[ 释义 ] 既然如此, 在窗体中OnCreate句柄, Self与窗体相关.

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[ 例句 ] You will nearly always pass Self as the owner.

[ 释义 ] 你总是需要传递Self作为其所有者.

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[ 例句 ] In a method, Self is a reference to the object that contains the method.

[ 释义 ] 作为一种方法, Self是包含方法的对象的参考.

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[ 例句 ] Because this effect shows a resemblance to two beam interference , it is called self - mixing interference.

[ 释义 ] 因输出信号特点与传统的双光束干涉信号有相似之处, 故被称为自混合干涉(self-mixinginterference).

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