squandered 查询


英 [ˈskwɔndəd] squandered英式发音

v. (指钱,财产等)浪费,乱花( squander的过去式和过去分词 );

[ 例句 ] It's so much money squandered.

[ 释义 ] 浪费了那么多钱.

squandered 来自 雅思考试词汇查询 - www.wolaishi.com/IELTS/

[ 例句 ] Four years ago in Athens he had fired at wrong target and squandered a 3 - point lead.

[ 释义 ] 四年前在希腊比赛里,他打错了靶,把领先3环的优势给浪费了.

squandered 来自 雅思考试词汇查询 - www.wolaishi.com/IELTS/

[ 例句 ] The thirty - six Enterprise divebombers were being squandered in a jittery shot from the hip.

[ 释义 ] 这三十六架“企业号”上的俯冲轰炸机正被孤注一掷.

squandered 来自 雅思考试词汇查询 - www.wolaishi.com/IELTS/

[ 例句 ] He stole squandered nearly $ 250,000,000 before he left office.

[ 释义 ] 他在离职前,盗窃或浪费掉差不多二亿五千万美元.

squandered 来自 雅思考试词汇查询 - www.wolaishi.com/IELTS/

[ 例句 ] The child squandered all his pocket - money on sweets.

[ 释义 ] 那小孩子把他所有的零钱都浪费在买糖果上.

squandered 来自 雅思考试词汇查询 - www.wolaishi.com/IELTS/

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