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英 [ˈtrænsfərəns] transference英式发音 美 [trænsˈfɜrəns] transference美式发音


n. 移动,转送,转让;

[ 例句 ] The main wearing mechanisms of the tin bronze are fatigue splitting, adhesive transference and abrasive wearing.

[ 释义 ] 锡青铜的主要磨损机制是疲劳脱层 、 粘着转移和磨料磨损.

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[ 例句 ] Transference of the right to use rural land is the inevitable demand of modern agricultural development.

[ 释义 ] 农村土地使用权流转是现代农业发展的必然要求.

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[ 例句 ] By using redundancy computing and dynamic transference method, the fault tolerant become more easily and reliably.

[ 释义 ] 采取冗余计算和动态迁移策略使得对等式计算模式中的容错性实现更容易、可靠.

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[ 例句 ] The transference is always as one of important techniques of psycho - analysis.

[ 释义 ] 转移一直被视为精神分析的重要技术之一.

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[ 例句 ] Transference, as of rights, or qualities, to a successor.

[ 释义 ] 转移向继承人移交(如:权力或贵族头衔 )

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