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英 [ˌvetərɪ'neəriənz] veterinarians英式发音 美 [ˌvetərɪˈneriənz] veterinarians美式发音


n. <正>兽医( veterinarian的名词复数 );

[ 例句 ] Article 6 Physicians, dentists, veterinarians assistant veterinarians may not use controlled drug for illegitimate medical purposes.

[ 释义 ] 第6条医师 、 牙医师 、 兽医师及兽医佐非为正当医疗之目的,不得使用管制药品.

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[ 例句 ] Animal medicine manufacture and traders: their pharmacists, veterinarians or assistant veterinarians.

[ 释义 ] 六动物用药品制造业及动物用药品贩卖业: 所属药师 、 兽医师或兽医佐.

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[ 例句 ] Veterinarians say pet owners should be checking their dog's collar every week.

[ 释义 ] 兽医建议主人每周都应该检查一下狗的项圈.

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[ 例句 ] Some veterinarians believe that annual revaccination is an important and critical part of preventative health care.

[ 释义 ] 一些兽医指出每年的疫苗是卫生保健中一项重要且关键的部分.

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[ 例句 ] Veterinarians and servicemen can and should help dispel this apprehensions by maintaining high ethical standards.

[ 释义 ] 兽医师和管理人员能够并且也应当通过保持高度的道德标准帮助驱逐这种恐惧.

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