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英 [ˌvɜ:tʃu:ˈəʊsəʊz] virtuosos英式发音

n. 艺术大师( virtuoso的名词复数 );名家;艺术爱好者;古董收藏家;

[ 例句 ] In terms of musical performance, there are many very good French musicians, but few virtuosos.

[ 释义 ] 从音乐演出来看, 优秀的法国音乐家不少, 可是缺乏演奏大师.

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[ 例句 ] Washington worships virtuosos, but it also strangles them with attention and blinds them with limelight.

[ 释义 ] 华盛顿是崇拜名人的, 但奉承之多使人应接不暇,银光灯下使人目眩心迷.

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[ 例句 ] Like all virtuosos, Fermi had a distinctive style.

[ 释义 ] 像所有的艺术家一样, 费米有他自己的独特风格.

virtuosos 来自 雅思考试词汇查询 -

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